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I'm just gonna copy/paste this, because I'm lazy!

I'm offering 3 discounted custom digimon slots-- and they're incrementally discounted. The faster u act, the greater the discount! (For reference, the usual price is $40!)

I can do a full line or I can create a line for a digimon you already own, but because of the initial discount, I won't be offering any further discounts for having pre-existing designs except by special circumstances.

Slot 1: $20 Slot Claimed
Slot 2: $25 Slot Claimed
Slot 3: $30 slot OPEN

Comment down in what obnoxious youtubers would call "the doobily-doo" to secure a slot!
i may open a $35 slot if anyone would be interested, haha
EDIT: MAY 09: All the slots are filled for now, but since this was successful and helped pull a few people who'd otherwise not have been willing to bite the bullet and order a commission, i'll be doing another set in near future! Same rules, same 3 slots.
Keep your eyes out for a new set of slots on May 19th!


I'm offering 3 discounted custom digimon slots-- and they're incrementally discounted. :U The faster u act, the greater the discount! (For reference, the usual price is $40!)

I can do a full line or I can create a line for a digimon you already own, but because of the initial discount, I won't be offering any further discounts for having pre-existing designs except by special circumstances.

Slot 1: $20 Slot Claimed
Slot 2: $25 Slot Claimed
Slot 3: $30 slot claimed

Comment down in what obnoxious youtubers would call "the doobily-doo" to secure a slot!
i may open a $35 slot if anyone would be interested, haha

i'll answer questions abt art, characters, my shit taste in anime, when the next episode of re:con is going to be out you talentless hack (spoilers: 26 is fully written it just needs to be spellchecked) whatever have you !

"why is your avatar momo" because i have nosedived straight into 2d idol boy hell and i love him "yea but why did it have to be THAT momo" because he's a kitty

just used my side account to buy a 1month core sub

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 16, 2018, 11:00 PM
lmao @ dA making it so you can only buy a one-month sub if you're buying it for "someone else" forcing me to log onto my side account and "gift" my main a 1mo sub just so i don't have to end up getting recurring bills and inexplicably double-charged blah blah blah what im saying is dA is a garbage fire website

anyway i wanted to do some polls so

-Digimon fanseries/FDD logos are free; just ask. Though it's not necessary, if you really like what you get, you could buy me a coffee!

-I will do non-Digimon logo design, original or based on a franchise, for a small fee. Just ask! For the time being I'd like to stick to franchise fanworks or franchise-esque original works (e.g. pretty cure fan-seasons, original magical girls series, original monster series, etc)

some basic rules
  • I will not make logos for serieses with names identical to extant projects that I am aware of.
    • Example: I will not make you a logo for a project named Digimon Reboot, no matter how unrelated to the extant Digimon Reboot it is. 
  • I will not make logos that use something mistakable for my naming scheme. "re" words are fine, but "re:" are not.
    • Example: I will make logos for a series named Replay, Redo, or Restart. I will not make logos for serieses named re:PLAY, re:do, or RE:start.
  • I will not make logos for serieses with names easily mistakable for my own projects.
    • Example: I will not make logos for serieses named -- for instance -- Regeneration [re:GENESIS], Reconnection [re:CONNECT], Refusal [re:FUSE], etc.
If you're interested, send me a note with:
  • Your fanseries' title
  • Any colours/colour schemes you want.
  • Any design elements you want. If you have a logo you want me to revamp or a sketch you want me to refine, include it here. If you want it to involve flowers, or video games, or -- hell, I don't know, bone-in ham steaks, include that here.
  • The "feel" you want. Cute, futuristic, horror, grungy, 80s...

on why you're not allowed to use my fandigimon

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 5, 2017, 11:06 AM
hey kids a straw broke my proverbial back and i'm grumpy so it's time for a good old fashioned rant journal just like mama used to make

i realize i'm not the only fan-digimon artist out there, and there are people who are a lot less hard-assed about this than I am, but luckily, i have never in my life cared what other people have thought
so this is my universal answer to the question: hey, glitchgoat, can I use your fan-digimon for my OC's partner?

nope! you sure fucking can't!

ever! period! i don't care if you give me credit! if i don't know you well enough to volunteer my designs to you, you're not allowed to use them! if i haven't specifically leased them to you for whatever reason (because you're my friend, because of a contest, smth like that), you can't!

imagine you came up to me and ask me, "hey, Brighteyes is really cool. Can I make a character that looks exactly like him, and use him in my own art and stories? I'll give you credit!"
i'd tell you to fuck off, and you'd expect that, because it's fucking rude as shit to ask people if you can just straight up steal their characters' appearances to use them for yourself! make your own character!
so why the tits do people seem to think it's a-okay dandy to ask to use my fan-digimon if they have enough self-awareness and common decency not to ask if they're allowed to steal my other ocs

if you wouldn't ask me if you're allowed to steal Brighteyes's design and use his design for your own OC, don't fucking ask if you're allowed to use my fan-digimon for your own oc's partner
just because it's a "digimon species" i made doesn't make it any less of my character-- you're asking to use my OC's design for your OC, and that's, like, disgustingly rude and entitled

"but if they give credit what's it matter"
while yeah i demand credit for designs i do, so i can't say "i don't care about credit" -- but in this case, credit is missing the point of why i object
i don't want you not to use my characters because i'm afraid you'll get credit for them instead of me-- i don't make characters so i get recognized for making cool characters
i make characters because i want to create characters. for myself. they're designs for my characters. if you use my design, you're using my design for your character
my digimon are my OCs. they're not just designs that exist in a void; even one-off ones I make for fun are designed as characters, and unless I'm expressly putting them up for public free use, treat them like my characters, not designs you can steal and use for your own OCs

i shouldn't have to say "no, you can't steal my OC's appearance and use it for your own purposes, not even if you give me credit for designing it"
that should just be assumed
that should be baseline common decency

piss off and please feel free to fuck off and unwatch me if you think i'm being a dick about this-- if you feel entitled, or like anyone should be entitled, to my characters just because they're digimon, i flat out do not want you interacting with my art

digimon fdd/digifake discord? heck yeah

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 24, 2017, 3:26 PM
first of all s/o to the anon who resubbed me -- hmu if you want to come off anon and I'll draw you something.
second of all:

digimon fdd/digifake/digimon fanseries-centric discord channel? digimon fdd/digifake/digimon fanseries-centric discord channel. come forth and join; talk about your fan-series and your fan digimon, promote your project, get advice and help, or just shoot the shit.
chat is PG-13.

i am very tentatively making this (perma)link public for a little while-- don't make me regret it, or I will revoke access to it and bring down some sick ban hammers.

i'll re-sub next month
until then you just have to Deal(tm) with an ugly front page

who wants some flash sale commissions (25% off)

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 23, 2017, 2:34 PM
i dont need but would really like some extra money right now so hey kids how about some FLASH SALES

Commission Prices + TOS: Summer 2017 by glitchgoat
25% off all of my normal prices on everything, to be completed super quickly!

Feel free to ask if you're not sure what something would cost! :U
Comment or note, either is good!

following me is like fandom roulette

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 31, 2017, 8:46 AM
because fuck you i will post everything on one account

furries? fuck you
sonic? fuck you
digimon? fuck you
you are at the mercy of my fanciful, fickle whims

anyway what i'm saying is i'm sorry i have the attention span of a four year old

digimon re:CON chapter 12 coming out later tonight so keep an eye out for that

reminder for the digimon re:CONNECT contest

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 7, 2017, 8:21 PM…

There's one week left on the re:CONNECT contest!
Why should you enter?

-Winning first place gets your character having a plot-important cameo in an upcoming chapter of re:CONNECT
-Placing at all gets you a small cash prize ($15 USD for first, $10 for second, $5 for third)
-Entering at all, even if you don't place, gets you some art of your fan-digimon, with more art the higher you place!

There's still time, and you should totally enter!

a bunch of advice on writing a fanseries thing

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 5, 2017, 1:04 AM…

here's approximately 4000 words of rambling about how i approach writing my fanserieses, and advice for anyone who wants to make one. I'm not talking about creating characters or picking a theme-- this is a straight up "how to survive writing a 50 chapter long passion project".

i'll probably edit it but my wrists are starting to hurt so i'm setting this fucker free

on writing digimon stuff again + also, Sakuracon

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 30, 2017, 3:04 AM
first off: I'll be walking around at Sakura-con in Seattle in a couple weeks! If you're going to be in that neck of the woods, toss me a line, and I'll sketch you something in my actual physical sketchbook thing to give it to you! I will be in my Asriel partial at least one day, so i may be easy to find but maybe not so easy to get the attention of...

second of all

y'all don't even know how nice it is to be writing re:CONNECT again. like, I realize that part of this is because I'm upswinging like a mofo, but I'm plowing through chapter 7, chapter 4 is going up on Saturday, and I'm feeling great about where the story is going to go-- and about having a buffer so I won't have to go totally dead if I fall into a writing slump. I'm really, really excited to finally, after literal years, being able to share this stupid thing with y'all.
I had a bit of a disheartening stumble the first couple days of it being live, but I man-moded on through with some very kind encouragement from some cool people.

I'm just really excited about this okay.

I'm also feeling really hella nostalgic for re:GEN, which is significantly better-written than I remember it being. I dunno. I'm feeling really good about my big dumb Digimon shit lately.

(Also, unrelated, because it's been running in the background: I forgot how huge a Digimon Frontier stan I am.
Also-also, how bout that Appmon, huh? It's fucking great and I love it.)

I finally started an art-only tumblr, so follow me there if you fancy. It took years for the damn Glitchgoat url to free up, hence why it took this long.

hey go watch my friend

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 22, 2017, 8:27 PM
go follow :iconpixelplantzone: if you like pokemon, especially fake pokemon, and great design work in general

he is just the coolest guy around, seriously one of the neatest people i know, and he totally deserves your attention. he made me this absolutely baller logo, and has been working on a pokedex of fake pokemon that's both spot-on stylistically and also super original and fun. He's also the guy who did the brunt of the work for that original digimon crest pack that you've maybe seen going around on Tumblr!

He is really just the neatest, sweetest dude. Give him a watch.

Logo by glitchgoat Trainer Commission: Kaden and Pikachu by PixelPlantZone Habanaga - The Burning Poke'mon by PixelPlantZone

so i just relaunched that re:CONNECT thing

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 14, 2017, 11:44 PM

you know
if you want to read my new digimon fic project, finally coming back after three and a half years of being dead in the water

If stories with original characters, surreptitious puns, humorous idiosyncratic narration, mysterious unfolding plots, unsubtle mythological allusions, and way too much brain juice siphoned into their creation are up your alley, why not give it a shot?
: D

tentative re:LOAD launch date

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 25, 2016, 2:01 PM
Aiming for December 2nd.

Don't let my flood of unrelated art make you think I've lost interest-- I have like five solid pages of notes and outlines for the first part, I'm just on a bit of an upswing and I want to harness the Art Gremlins while I can. muh bipolar.


Journal Entry: Sun Oct 23, 2016, 4:16 PM
or at least one of your OCs, because otherwise it could get kind of craycray

but hey, why not?

show me an OC of yours, any one you want to talk about or tell someone about. Give me a ref! Tell me about them! Even if I have absolutely no idea what the fandom is, I'm curious. Show me your cool stuff.


a cheerful reminder about my -mon designs

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 13, 2016, 7:55 PM
just had someone ask me if a person had permission to use my design, and so i'm going to remind us all, as i get back into doing digimon stuff more actively:

anyone who uses my character designs is doing it without permission. I do not give permission for any of my designs to be removed from their original contexts and used for any projects or characters that I am not involved in.
(Exceptions to this are clearly denoted-- designs for other peoples' projects, anything I actually list as free to use, etc.)

This applies mostly to my fan digimon and fan pokemon, which tend to get the largest amount of this, but, hey, I've had my Sonic characters stolen too, so why not?

Anyone who says they have permission is lying to you.
I don't care if they give credit; giving credit is not getting permission.

Be a pal: report anyone who you see using, copying, or lifting my designs or characters.